Proscpice, Kwacha! 

LuCAC’s inaugural exhibition Prospice, Kwacha! brings together four artists, each with their own hybrid Zambian identities and unique relationship with the dynamic crossroads of Lusaka. As a bustling melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and enterprises, Lusaka embodies a myriad of histories, both familiar and obscure, of pre- and post-independence, adversity and opportunity.

“Prospice”, the Latin motto of Lusaka’s coat of arms meaning “look forward”, was chosen by the colonial government to signal their ambitions fort the young capital’s future. “Kwacha”, meaning “it has dawned” in several local languages, was selected by the newly independent Zambian government as a beacon on our ubiquitous currency of the bright days ahead for the newly formed nation.

Just as we negotiate our daily lives through multiple languages and customs, we navigate the past and the present, and invite you to join us as we look forward, LuCAC has dawned.

Our grand opening of the Lusaka Contemporary Art Centre (LuCAC) was graced by the newly appointed Permanent Secretary of Arts from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Arts Mr Fumba Chama. He was accompanied by the Director for Arts Ms Esther Ng’ambi and National Arts Council Director Mr Maanka Chipindi. Our founder Mr Victor Mutelekesha gave his welcoming remarks and Curator Karen Monica Reini introduced the exhibition Prospice, Kwacha!

The exhibition will run from 6th January 2023 to 17th of December 2023.