About LuCAC

Welcome to the Lusaka Contemporary Art Centre (LuCAC ), a facility comprised of an art gallery, a library, and a residency, dedicated to the advancement of Zambian contemporary Art and its role in national development. LuCAC is a place for continued decolonization, encouraging both targeted formal and informal artistic research and experimentation that seek to challenge the dominant “colonized” narratives.

We are a passionate team of artists, curators, and educators, who believe in art’s role in advancing a better society for all.

We are a non-profit and artist-driven space, committed to promoting contemporary art in Zambia and its diaspora and making it accessible to all.

At LuCAC, we showcase the work of emerging and established artists, providing them with a platform to share their visions and engage with the community. We also produce conduct research, and host residencies, offering artists a space to create and explore new ideas and foster cross-cultural exchange.

Our library and education programs are an integral part of our mission, providing resources and opportunities for learning, research, and dialogue. We believe that knowledge is power, and our goal is to provide access to information, to help bridge the gap and dissolve barriers created by limited infrastructure and opportunities.

We are located in the Chamba Valley of Lusaka, and we are proud of our city, it’s a vibrant and dynamic place, with a rich cultural heritage and a bright future. We believe that Lusaka’s geopolitical location plays a transformative role in its emancipatory future, and we see our art center as a hub for research and cultural exchange contributing to this future.

We invite you to join us in this journey, to explore and engage with contemporary art, and to be part of our community. Together, we can make a difference and create a more inclusive and equitable world.