Germain Ngoma Workshop

Germain Ngoma is a Zambian Norwegian artist born in Zimbabwe. He currently lives and works in Oslo Norway. He trained as a foundry technician before leaving Zambia to study at the National Academy of Art and Crafts and later at the National academy of fine Arts in Oslo. Ngoma has exhibited Internationally for over five decades and was instrumental in establishing the Norad-funded workshops in Zambia the “Art Academy Without Walls” which contributed to the development of many Zambian artists’ careers.

As part of the ongoing exhibition Prospice Kwacha! at Lusaka Contemporary Art Centre (LuCAC) Ngoma hosted a one-day introductory materials workshop, the purpose of which was to experiment and find local casting solutions for artists seeking to use plaster of Paris by transforming locally available raw gypsum into plaster. In attendance were artists Mulenga J Mulenga, Augustine Kagimu, Mwamba Chikwemba, Albert Mulenga, David Daut Makala, and LuCAC founder Victor Mutelekesha.

LuCAC continues to promote workshops and recreational activities for Art Education and Development in Zambia.